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Is there a link between what you send out and the money that comes in. I think that most people understand there’s a relationship, but this is my own example for the end of this year.


no emails out and income dropsThe second half of 2014 we were writing a post on our website and letting people know by email very consistently – one a week mostly. Then the last 5 weeks of the year business got very hectic and it dropped out.

Look at the graphs on the left. The peak in income at the end of September coincides with the consistent outflow. The income downtrends when the emails stop going out.

This is an example of several things …


[textblock style=”3″](1) Why you should watch your statistics.

(2) Why you need to keep sending things out, despite the barriers that come up, and

(3) How regular emails can keep traffic coming to your website and maintain interest in your services.[/textblock]