A Basic Online Marketing Setup

Specs for setting up an online marketing sequence that creates a flow of contacts and prospects.

Once a basic sequence is set up, the apps ( email marketer, Analytics etc ) will be in place to set up additional sequences later on – so later ones will be faster and easier.


  1. ( A basic WordPress website setup if needed … described at the bottom ).
  2. Setting up 3 landing pages, for up to a 3-tier campaign.
  3. Linking in an email service ( like GetResponse or MailChimp ) and adding forms to collect the opt-ins.
  4. Setting up 2 or 3 email sequences ( these email sequences will consist of about 3 follow-up emails each ).
  5. Setting up a PayPal payment page ( button ) for 1 or 2 of the tiers.
  6. Linking-in an Analytics Service ( probably Matomo ).
  7. Setting up the first ad if using paid traffic ( I recommend starting with Facebook because of the incredible targeting and the ability to start from $10 per day and then scale up ). If it’s a saturated market ( like business offers and marketing where thousands of marketers are flogging their offers ) maildrops often work better.
  8. Getting the machine running so that it’s collecting opt-in email addresses from the lead magnet and generating a flow to the next offers. It usually requires testing of a number of Facebook audiences and ads to create a good flow and retargeting setups.
  9. Coaching on how it works.

Doesn’t Include

  • Copywriting ( for emails, website pages and brochures ) though we show you what’s currently working well.
  • Designing products, brochures, PDFs or email templates.
    Buying advertising, in-depth coaching on running the traffic, or testing & tuning the Facebook audiences and ads.
  • Coaching or setup of advanced marketing tools like conversion tracking, Google Experiments, heatmap tracking and advanced campaign strategy.

You’ll Need

  1. An email marketing service. We currently use and are familiar with GetResponse.
  2. ( Probably ) a landing-page solution like Optimizepress @ $97 per year, Ten Minute Pages @ $95 or Leadpages @ $37 per month.
  3. A website & hosting. WordPress is best in most cases ( see the footnote *** ). Not all hosts are equal and some are too difficult to work with and/or run website to slowly.

Cost: $2273 ( plus gst ).


*** A basic WordPress setup is normally $427 +gst
This covers (1) installing WordPress on LINUX hosting with a cPanel website control panel (2) integrating Optimizepress or Leadpages and (3) Organising hosting and registering a domain name ( domain names are about $20 per year and hosting, about $90 per year ).