Online campaign.

Do you need to get something moving with your online marketing?

Get a campaign with a landing page & people viewing it set up fast.

Having a website is good promotion. But it takes more than that to successfully market on the internet and putting everything together can be a steep learning curve.

So we have an easier & simpler start-up solution …

What we do for you

(1) Help create an initial offer to test !

People respond to no-risk offers that have a good benefit. Offers can be coupons, free trials, BIG discounts ( that may be time-limited ). We’ll help you locate what your customers are interested in and possibly how your competitors are going about their advertising, which is often a good starting point ( this is the online research and planning as covered on this page ).

(2) Create the landing page with the offer.

This is a stand alone page. It can run independently of your website ( if you have one ) or be added into the menu of your current site. There are a number of landing page solutions – the best one for you will depend on what you have already set up. We’d create a short-form page as described here.

We can hook in your email service like MailChimp or similar to collect email addresses ( or possibly phone numbers ) or have the emails sent to you or encourage a click-to-call. If your website host isn’t compatible, or you don’t have one, we’ll run the page on one of ours.

(3) Set up emails.

After someone has left you an email address or phone number, they should be thanked and also encouraged to take the next step. An automatic email ( autoresponder ) can be set up to do each of these things.

(4) Set up a Facebook or Google Ad campaign.

The ads would send people to the landing page with the offer. You often get best return on ads by running several variations simultaneously. So we’ll be running a couple of variations in a couple of Adsets ( or Ad Groups for Google ).

You many want to test a video ad as part of the campaign. We’d use a stock video & tailor it to best fit your business for a slight increase in the jump-start cost.

(5) Show you how to maintain the promotion.

It won’t be a full course on digital marketing ! But we’ll show you how to continue your advertising campaign.

Cost: $1370 plus gst.
You’ll also need up to $30 each day, over a few days running Facebook ads. and possibly an email service subscription with GetResponse or similar.

There’s no ongoing commitment. We run the campaign for up to 7 days & can help manage it after that if you like, details here.

More info ? This checklist covers the basics of setting up digital marketing.