[info]Google started sending out emails to businesses in early February alerting them to update their businesses Google+L profile – and if they did not the business listing would be deleted.[/info]

The email is causing quite a confusion as there’s very little information and nothing explaining why the business details need to be updated. Business owners have been wondering if it’s a scam, but Google has confirmed it’s legitimate.

Google also started calling businesses ( presumably those who did not update their business information ) I assume to confirm the business is legitimate and qualifies for a Google+L listing. This email and phone call system seems to be unique to Australia. Why ? No-one but Google really knows although there is much speculation.

New Google+L accounts have had access to the new Google+L dashboard for a few months. These emails and phone calls seems to coincide with older accounts now being able to upgrade to the new dashboard. If you received this email and ignored it now would be a good time to click the link and confirm your details. When clicking the link and logging into your account you will be able to see the new dashboard and all the features we have been waiting for:

  • Faster updating times,
  • More pictures and more control over the images shown,
  • A tab just for reviews showing you any new ones and giving you an easy way to respond to reviewers,
  • video is back !
  • One click merging and connecting of the Google+business page with the G+L page,
  • All the social aspects of Google+Local.

But that’s not all that has been going on in the Australian Local landscape these past couple of months ! Bing recently gave Australian businesses access to make a Bing Places listing for Bing Maps. Although they only list the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Germany and Spain as having access to this feature, it’s well and truly up and running in Australia.

The listing is verified by postcard or a phone call in the same way as Google have been doing it. The listing is easy to set up and the verification, even by postcard is relatively fast.

[notice]Note !!! each one of my clients who have a new Bing Places listing verified have had their Google+L rankings soar ![/notice]