Online Research & Planning

When getting started with online marketing, one step at a time is less confusing and also saves wasted effort.

The first step should always be research & planning.


Most businesses don’t do it. They don’t have an online strategy and their website isn’t part of it. They end up with a website that’s a waste of money and sporadically send out emails or try Facebook adds that don’t tie-in with the website. And all the effort doesn’t get them more business.

Knowing where new customers are coming from online and having a strategy, makes things faster and easier and prevents headaches in the future.

So when we do online research with you, this is what we do …


(1) Find out online about your customers.

  • The things they like & are interested in so you can use that info in the marketing.
  • What websites they visit that your ads can be run on.
  • Their search intention on Google.
  • If they’re concentrated in any geographic regions ( so promotion can be sent there ).
  • Demographics like age, education.


(2) Flowchart out the online marketing strategy, including how your offline mailing & promotion ties in & work out how to implement it. This would include the website and how to re-target people who visit.


(3) Work out estimates of traffic costs, returns on product sales and how to sell more ( lately known as Customer Value Optimisation ).

By the end we have …

  • a LOT of data about your customers and new customers.
  • a flowchart that can be printed, showing what’s going to be put into place & how it can works & get’s implemented.
  • a strategy to get more interest from prospects and sell them more.

We do this together over Skype or phone using online tools. This lets us both have our own computer with everything we need to use. It takes about 2 hours.

Cost: $470

* includes GST.
** an SEO audit if needed is separate.