How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help You ?

Technology is changing unbelievably fast. A digital marketing agency helps you keep up and make use of the latest advances in the internet. Staying at the cutting-edge as technology advances is a huge advantage over the competition, who mostly don’t have a clue what’s going on.

The internet is an amazing communication line, but the basics of marketing have stayed the same. There needs to be a good product, building up goodwill and a relationship with the customers, and putting a marketing plan into action.

There have been some incredible advances in technology though, to deliver communications to a huge audience, along with techniques that aren’t possible with traditional marketing.

Most business owners and managers understand the value of having an online marketing strategy in place but …

  • they don’t know how to do it,
  • are busy running their business and don’t have time to do it, and
  • underestimate the effort that’s required / they don’t have the resources that an agency has.

Keeping-up with technology requires constant attention which most business owners don’t have time for. Get in touch and see if we can help you.

Who we are …

Spellboundweb is a Sydney-based group, specialising in putting online and digital marketing solutions in place for businesses.

Established in 2003, we originally concentrated on website development and have developed hundreds of websites, ranging from small, brochure-style promotions, to full content-managed web-sites for larger organisations.

The business is registered as a sole trader : the owner ( Robert ) operates as the business manager, concentrating on developing the overall business strategy. Lisa manages Facebook marketing, Local Search and client accounts and we have help from other part-time staff and subcontract to freelance developers and specialists.

Our focus has changed since we originally started in 2003. Beginning with website design, we then specialised in helping our clients increase their exposure in search results. Mostly now we concentrate on developing a full working online solution for our clients. So we’ve kind-of morphed into an online marketing group or digital marketing agency.