How to do Stuff: Online Marketing

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How to Avoid Traffic Stops

9 important steps to prevent your online marketing from bogging.

Good marketing on the web creates a flow of people to a website and onto a next step. Any business online or not, needs to create this flow or business dries up.

But many business send traffic to their websites with –

  • no follow-up steps in place or
  • an offer that doesn't get the desired outcome.

The result is wasted advertising money.

You need the right people to see your ad and click on it, but then you need enough control to keep a good number of them moving towards the end-result you’re after.

This is often described as a sales funnel.

The 9 steps on how to do it …

  • Decide who you're going to promote to ( you can get info on how to target from here ).
  • Work out an appropriate offer or product to offer them. It's important to promote the correct product to the correct people. If they're new and don't know you, make sure that it's an introductory product - something with low risk but valuable ( there's info about this at ).
  • If they already know you, or better still have bought something from you in the past, then you should be able to offer them something that's a higher price.
  • Work out the sequence of steps that need to be taken. Eg: View the ad, click through to this page, leave an email address in exchange for a report, receive an email. Use or something similar to flowchart it out. Something similar to this ...
    an online marketing sequence
  • Create a first page on your website to explain the offer and encourage the visitor to buy or opt-in for something or call you asap.
  • Create the follow-up pages you need ( there's an online marketing workout you can get for $4 from here ).
  • Run an add about the offer that sends traffic to the page from Facebook, Google, Linked In etc.
  • Watch what happens and test ( read about (1) goals and (2) experiments ).
  • Update your pages and flows to do better.

About traffic from SEO

It’s important to realise that these steps all apply to SEO as well.

Traffic from search results is just another source of traffic and it’s important that the text in the search result is a sensible lead-in to the offer on the website page.

There are some trade-offs with traffic from the main search results:


  • The traffic is good quality, because searchers are pro-actively looking for a solution.
  • Out of all the search results, the top-left half of page one gets the most traffic.
  • The Organic / main search results are trusted more than the paid results.


  • It takes months ( and an increasing amount of effort ) to get a reasonable volume of traffic.
  • The amount of effort ( and cost ) to do well in the main Organic results is increasing substantially. Bigger companies like Amazon, eBay, YouTube and Directories are being favoured over smaller websites for the more lucrative terms.
  • There's always the risk you'll lose years of effort if Google changes how they produce the results.

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