Website Management

Keeping a website up to date is often too hard … the staff are flat out working in the business and website management isn’t their speciality anyway. So it just takes too long to get anything done.

Need help getting things done with your website ? More requests for tenders ?

  • If your website isn’t being used as a tool to increase your exposure,
  • doesn’t make you seem valuable enough for people to jump at contacting you,
  • or worse still, the site doesn’t even look like it’s current

then it’s turning people away and losing you money.

And if you’re running ads to your website, the pages need to be up-to-date, look professional and get a result. Otherwise, why bother with the ads ?

The solution ( if you don’t have the resources to do it with your own staff ) is to ask a someone who specialises in it to help out.

Costs: Our website maintenance is a subscription paid monthly. It starts at $143 per month (plus gst) with a cap of 40 minutes per week which is 60% cheaper than our hourly rate.

We can handle these things for you on a regular basis …

  1. Updates to page text ( or products if it’s a shop ).
  2. Updates to graphics.
  3. Analytics integration and monitoring.
  4. Monitoring website security and updates.
  5. Help debugging aspects of your website ( if it’s a 3rd-party component, we will look through the manual and/or liaise with the developer as needed ).

Further details …

  • We like to get things done for the least amount of work, so we manage WordPress websites. There’s a reason that 38% of content managed websites run on it. Website management with other systems is just too time-consuming. If you want to get things done in online marketing with least effort, then find any way you can to use WordPress and if you’re not, then please ask us for a proposal to move your site onto it and sort out your online marketing.
  • Website management doesn’t include programming or copywriting sales pages.
  • We’re free to manage websites during weekdays 10:00am until 5:00 and will be as fast a possible based on the day’s workload.

Need more help ?

If your online marketing isn’t set up to run like a smooth machine then we can help you with online marketing setups. We can also provide packages that include website management with running promotional campaigns, and decrease our rates it we’re doing both for you.