Construction & web design Sydney.

There are lots of ways to create and manage a website.

Websites are usually the main part of online marketing for a business, so it’s important to be able to set up new pages and create and update offers regularly and fast.

But if it’s too hard to manage your site, then good marketing usually doesn’t get done !

All trade-offs considered ( and there are some ) currently WordPress is way in front of anything else out there for ease-of-use and WAY less effort.

WordPress is a Content Management System ( click here if you’re not sure what this is ) and it makes it much easier and faster for non-technical people to keep a website up to date. It’s also proven most successful in placing content at the top of search results ( click here for a video what Matt Cuts, Google’s head of Search web-spam has to say ).

It’s not always the best solution in every case, but if the main purpose of a website it to be found and get new clients and customers, it’s best to find any way you can to use it.

What’s in our Express package ? …

  • Developed on WordPress, so you’ll be able to add additional pages and edit them yourself.
  • A responsive layout that adjusts to the device to display neatly on iPads and smart-phones as well as larger screens.
  • Graphic design of the main look based on your logo & branding and basic market research.
  • The home page & repeating back-page elements designed & laid out.
  • 3 additional pages laid out, such as About Us, Services, Contact etc.

The package doesn’t include developing larger forms than a basic contact form or setting up email marketing or complicated extensions. It does include up to 1/2 an hour of coaching on how to use it. Dedicated landing pages for marketing campaigns are additional and start from $342.

$2856 ( plus gst )
You’ll also need (1) a domain name. We can help you get one for about $20 per year. (2) Website hosting to put the site on. We can help you set this up. Hosting charges vary, and in this area you definitely get what you pay for. Not all hosts are equal and many serve out websites slowly and restrict what you can use and simply won’t run basic marketing extensions. For reasonable hosting you’d expect to pay about $200 per year.

Need help managing your website ?

We can also help with website management.