An SMS marketing subscription dark box.

Stay in touch with your customers

  • Do you hold events, functions or have sales and make offers to customers ?
  • Would it help to be able to notify customers quickly each time ?
  • And have them open and read your message ?

98% of SMSes are opened – most within 3 minutes

How to do it ?

(1) Collect Phone Numbers From Your Website

Add a form to your website offering your visitors something in exchange for their mobile numbers.

(2) Add Your Subscribers to a List

Build lists your customer mobile phone numbers from your website so that you can SMS them relevant offers and promotions.

Send an SMS to all the people on your list about an offer or event you have coming up.

(3) Automate SMSes

Set up a series of SMSes to go out automatically.

What we do

  1. Set up your account with our SMS marketing app.
  2. Create an appropriate form and offer on your website to collect mobile numbers ( we’ll need your help to work out a reason for people to leave you their number ).
  3. Provide ongoing support ( capped at 20 minutes per week ).

SMS Marketing Costs
(1) A subscription of $67 per month plus an amount per SMS sent (see below).
(2) Setups : $442 ( once only ). Prices exclude gst.

*** We integrate with Twilio to deliver the SMSes ( ) and their rates vary. At present it’s about 6 cents for each individual’s SMS sent. There’s also a yearly phone number rental, which is about $6 per year.