Online Marketing Consulting

It can take forever trying to work out something you’re not familiar with and it often results in a dead-end. It’s much easier to follow a blueprint.

This consulting is based on the data that we buy and test, and how we run campaigns in our own businesses. We walk you through the steps, which saves you a lot of time and also saves you spending tens of thousands of dollars like we have to work it out.

  • We design full online sales funnels with you and show you how to implement them.
  • We’ll email you tailor-made checklists, but you do the build & the copy.
  • We help with copywriting for pages and emails and handle small graphic jobs to keep things fast.
  • Up to about 3 hours on the phone each week and we’re available on email any time Monday to Friday.
  • If something’s getting stuck we help get it going and sometimes do bits ourselves if needed to get website pages created and campaign lows sorted out.

We help with …

Research & Development

  • Locating and evaluating the audiences who are your best prospects.
  • Aligning products based on what’s needed & wanted and repurposing.


  • Configuring WordPress websites to run fast and be totally set up for marketing.
  • Linking an email service ( like GetResponse or Interspire ) and how to add forms.
  • Setting up PayPal payment pages, 1ShoppingCart or Cart66 payment pages.
  • How to set up email autoresponder sequences and campaigns.

Campaign Design

  • Designing sales funnels, marketing sequences & strategies.
  • Copywriting for emails, website pages and brochures.

Running Traffic

  • Testing & tuning Facebook audiences and ads, Linkedin Ads, Adwords, Google My Business, SEO and media buys.

Tracking & Testing

  • Setup and use of marketing tools like conversion tracking, Google Experiments, heatmap tracking & session recording.

Cost: $475 per week

( Includes GST )