Online marketing consulting service

How to avoid spending 10X too much.

It can be a headache trying to work out setting up your website to be effective online.

Most business owners are experts in their business – not in setting up websites and online marketing. Yes, you can learn how to do it, but will taking the time to study how it’s done make you more money ?

Usually not.

Our consulting service provides you with a blueprint, tailored to your specific business. We walk you through the steps, which saves you a lot of time and also saves you spending tens of thousands of dollars like we have to work it out.

The consulting’s based on the data that we buy and test, and how we run campaigns in our own businesses.

What we do

We have an initial session together and develop a top-level strategy with you and show you how to implement it. This takes about 3 hours one morning or afternoon over Skype, at our office or over the phone ( you’ll need a computer ). There are then 3 half-hour follow-up meetings.

  1. Custom online sales plan designed with you for your business ( about 3 hours ).
  2. We show you how to implement it based on what we use and have used previously.
  3. Checklists emailed to you, and 2 phone consultations to refresh your memory and help you along ( if further ongoing help’s needed to smooth things out we also provide internet marketing coaching ).

We can help with these areas …

Research & Development

  • Locating and evaluating the audiences who are your best prospects.
  • Aligning products based on what’s needed & wanted and repurposing.


  • Configuring WordPress websites to run fast and be totally set up for marketing.
  • Linking an email service ( like GetResponse ) and how to add forms.
  • Setting up PayPal payment pages or Cart66 payment pages.
  • How to set up email autoresponder sequences and campaigns.

Campaign Design

  • Designing sales funnels, online marketing sequences & strategies.
  • Copywriting for emails, website pages and brochures.

Running Traffic

  • Testing & tuning Facebook audiences and ads, Linkedin Ads, Adwords, Google My Business, SEO and media buys.

Tracking & Testing

  • Setup and use of marketing tools like conversion tracking, experiments, heatmap tracking & session recording.

Cost: $906 ( includes gst ).
Our online marketing consulting is an initial session followed by 3 follow-up meetings.

Consulting doesn’t include

  • Copywriting ( for emails, website pages and brochures ). We help with copywriting for pages and emails but don’t write the entire copy.
  • Designing products, brochures, PDFs or email templates.
  • Buying the advertising on the publishing networks.

Further help

  1. Internet marketing coaching
  2. Online marketing setups