Computer screen showing analytics graphs in PPC management.

Do you need help running Pay-Per-Click? If you get confused trying to piece together Google and Facebook Ad campaigns, then the answer is probably YES !

Hiring people who specialise in PPC management has become an easier and cheaper solution for a lot of businesses than trying to get it done themselves.

Managing PPC campaigns to get the best results is a sophisticated activity involving …

  1. testing ad copy to increase conversions ( contacts or sales ),
  2. testing the ads with different locations and demographics,
  3. watching results day-by-day and adjusting ad creatives, placements and other factors.

Google and Facebook are the biggest providers of PPC advertising. Google’s Adwords product has dominated the market for over a decade, but Facebook has advanced really fast the last few years in their ability to deliver ads to finely targeted audiences and at lower costs-per-click that Google.

The Yahoo/Bing alliance also offers a similar product, but to a far smaller audience. It’s worth knowing though, that in some cases Yahoo/Bing and other display networks can provide better conversions, so are worth testing your product & niche.

Our management

We can help with setting up and running ads on Facebook and the Google Search & Display Networks, as well as on a couple of other display networks and using a retargeting service.

Managing a campaign involves …

  1. Creating the ad sets, ad image and copy for a single campaign.
  2. Monitoring the performance to improve results,
  3. which includes split-testing images & copy.
  4. Adjusting placements where these are available.
  5. For up to 3 Facebook, Google Display N/W ( or similar network ) adsets or adgroups
  6. with 1, 2 or 3 ads in each,
  7. in one targeted region or country.

Our fees

Running a PPC campaign takes more than a couple of minutes a day.

Our pricing model is 25% of the amount you spend on clicks each month for a campaign (a campaign is for a single product, service or offer). Each campaign is charged because generally there is more to watch and do as ads increase. There’s a lower cap that will be charged if the ad-spend is very low and an upper cap that we don’t charge above if the ad-spend is high.

  • Our lower cap is $130 per week and the upper cap is $230 per campaign (plus gst).
  • So for example, if you’re spending $500 per week on clicks, we would charge $125 per week. If you spend $100 per week, we would charge $130 ( not $25 ). For a spend of $1600 per week we’d charge $230.
  • You pay each month & at least 6 weeks is needed to collect results that decisions can be made from. There’s no contract and you can opt-out whenever you like.
  • There’s a startup fee to produce the initial graphics and set up the groups of ads. This will vary depending on the size of the groups, but is probably between $137 & $411 plus gst.
  • Running paid traffic to a website is only a part of an online strategy. You get better results if you research your target market first and also make sure the ads click to appropriate website pages. You can do this yourself & we’ll send you a PDF with instructions, or we can do it for $411 …

There are a few different PPC management pricing structures & techniques used by agencies … flat monthly fees, percentage of revenue and percentage of ad-spend are some. Here are some good write-ups about PPC management.