Can Local SEO Help Your Business?

Local Search Marketing

Small businesses don’t even need a website to be found on the web these days. Google allows you to have a MyBusiness page that you can add your business details to. Local SEO is about the actions taken to help move higher in the Local search results.

Most customers of local businesses live within 8 kilometers of your business. Local marketing is to potential clients and customers in this area.

Local SEO covers what’s needed to get you found on the internet locally. The end-result is someone contacting you directly for a sale, or providing you with a phone number or email address so that you can market to them later.

The #1 Mistake Made by Local businesses

This video gives you a great Local SEO checklist that you can use yourself. It’s done by Rand at Moz. Mos are a long-standing, trusted source of info about Search Engine optimisation (  SEO ) and how to do well in search engine marketing. Local SEO is a little bit different to …

More about Local search marketing

Local SEO – What Get’s Done

Position in Local results is influenced by …

  1. The number of online reviews
  2. The number of mentions in a country’s online directories – called citations
  3. The distance of the business physically from the searcher ( a searcher can also set their location in the left column of Google’s search page )
  4. The Places page set up correctly and
  5. a website set up well for SEO is helping Local Places page rankings.

The last couple of years, the main actions taken to do well in the main search results ( SEO ) have become almost as important as well.

Initial setups to get you found in Local results …

  • Basic website setups that include adding the KML ( keyhole markup language ) file that geo-locates your business; recommending any website tweaks that are needed.
  • Locate, update and correct where possible current external directory listings.
  • Correctly set up a Google My Business page and Bing Local page. Your listing needs to be 100% complete with relevant local and product information.
  • Work with you to create an individual review program that suits your business.
  • Add 5 new directory listings to industry and high authority directories.
  • Set up and maintain a Yelp listing, to help your business appear on Apple Maps.
  • GEO-tag photos ( at least 3 ) and add them to map listings like Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Advice on what if anything can be changed on your website to increase local exposure and conversions.

You need to provide

  • Photos of some products and/or your shop, warehouse or business address.
  • Business details including address & a local phone number.
  • Business details such as opening times and methods of payment,
  • A short video ( we can create this for you if needed ).
  • Access to the website, or contact with your webmaster so that the KML file can be added to the website.
  • A short video to complete a My Business page ( we can create this for you if needed ).

Ongoing basic marketing

Once the basic setups have been done there are actions that should be maintained. We subscribe to a number of services, both to monitor businesses online and to get the most up-to-date information on changes that Google is making from SEO experts.

When we become aware of a change Google has made that affects search results, we take action where needed  Example: when backlinks to a website began to influence Local search results in 2014 ( in a similar way to main results ) we added a step to our maintenance list to look after that.

Local Search has become more competitive and main Organic search ranking factors are influencing Local ranks to a large degree now in 2016. Ongoing actions include …

  • Monitor and upkeep the Google My Business page.
  • Upkeep and monitor the review system we have put in place. The way we collect reviews has changed many times to stay inline with the current best practices and will continue to do so. We’ll work with you to maintain a workable and effective system.
  • Monitor current directory listings and change them when needed ( add new images ). Listings showing activity have more SEO weight then dead listings. We will keep listings up-dated.
  • Submit and claim new directory listings in Local and industry related directories so that there’s a gradual, continual growth of these.
  • List business in additional industry related review sites as they come up
  • Create and distribute online Press Releases ( about 3 a year ).
  • Gradually back-link to your directory listings and website to increase the authority of your business.

You’ll have easy access to your Local Marketing specialist by email and phone.
Local search marketing is provided as a monthly subscription with no contract. Reports are provided each month and statistic graphs of visits and actions available as part of the Google MyBusiness page.

It may take several months in competitive business niches or high population density areas to rise up in these search results.