Online Marketing Audits for Business

Online marketing audits make it easier to track down the causes of unsuccessful marketing and improve the situation. We do this by looking at the current actions taking place in the business and comparing them to known best practices and ideal scenes.

We provide 2 types of online marketing audits …

SEO search and website audit

This is to locate opportunities to rank well in search results – Local ( ABC with the maps ) and main-body Organic results. It’s often included as part of the setups for SEO.

We provide …

  • a report of what needs to be handled in the website or property,
  • an analysis of the the niche to locate which keyword phrases the site could be ranked onto page one for in reasonable time,
  • an audit of the site from a conversion viewpoint – what would most likely get the most response in terms of sales and/or opt-ins.

Each audit is $411 ( + gst ).

Online marketing analysis

This is of either an existing campaign or one that’s about to be developed. You will probably be asked a lot of questions !

We provide …

  • a report of where a marketing campaign departs from an ideal scene,
  • a plan of what can be done to handle this,
  • sources of our information and data ( except where we’ve bought this & don’t have rights to distribute something ),
  • links to resources we use in handling things wherever possible.

Each audit is $411 ( + gst ).


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