getting represented in search results

It’s not hard to be well represented in search results for your own business name, but if a domain name’s new and/or hasn’t accumulated mentions on other external websites, its unlikely that Google will see it as the most relevant result to display.

Websites that accumulate backlinks and citations ( see here ) and demonstrate activity – by being updated regularly and getting visitors – gain authority over websites that aren’t doing these things. This influences the site’s relevance and it’s placement in search engine results.

The main 2 reasons most websites exist are to get increased attention for the owner, and to demonstrate that they are good to deal with. When a search for a business’s name delivers a page of good things being said about the business, this increases the number of people who’ll get in touch.

What should be done ?

I mentioned in an earlier post, promotional links and mentions on the web are a natural duplication of what occurs in life. Links back to a website, Google+s and Facebook likes are an indication to search engines of a website’s importance.

  • Ask people to paste a link to your website in Facebook or Twitter or add a link from their own website.
  • Submit an online press release.These accumulate lots of exposure and backlinks as press releases are syndicated to other sites. WebWire is a good start.
  • Claim or add a listing in business directories. In Australia, the best known ones are Hotfrog, StartLocal and TrueLocal.
  • Write a white-paper or article and submit it to article directories with a link back to your website ( EzineArticles, and GoArticles are some ).

These other mentions on the web often find their way into search results themselves, as well as increasing the authority of your website for it’s business name.