What is Reputation Management ?

Example: If someone’s looking for a cosmetic dentist, they usually search for cosmetic dentist, then finding some business names they search by name to find out what other sources are saying.

What do the search results show about you ?
What do the search results show about you ?

Question: When you were considering purchasing [PRODUCT] what sources of information did you seek out to help with your decision? Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, U.S., April 2011.

Where do people look, before buying ?
Where do people look, before buying ?

[textblock style=”6″]Wikipedia says that reputation management is Tracking the client’s actions and other’s opinions about those actions & reporting on the actions and opinions. Online reputation management is as described above, building up good reviews and mentions for a business name in search results pages.[/textblock]

Our service …

For small businesses, the first few of the following points are provided in our Local Search Marketing and these result in a Google+ Local profile becoming more prominant in search results. Businesses that are not brick-and-mortar need a more tailored solution that involves the creation of additional web properties (websites & social profiles).

Aligning social profiles and publishing regular press releases help concentrate the good news associated with a business name, rather than ranking the business in results for industry-specific keywords and categories. The following points, except for the Local setup are ongoing.

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Google+1 Local setup and Local Search Marketing.
Monitor the web in general for mentions of the business name.
Monitor specific review sites where we know the business is listed.
Monitor Google Alerts for mentions of the business.
Notify you of any bad reviews or mentions and take appropriate action to handle them.
Facebook Fanpage setup *** new ***
Aligning Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.
Additional press releases to those done for Local search marketing.
Article submission to article directories.