How to do Stuff: Online Marketing

How many website visitors do you need ?

How much can you afford to pay to have someone visit your website ? If you're spending money on clicks to…

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How to benefit from advancing technology

No surprise : people like things to be fast and easy ! So a new way of doing things is often…

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Save Time & Simplify Your Workflow

Correcting mistakes and omissions takes way more time than setting things up correctly in the first place. Recently I've been helping…

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3-Step Business Plan

To run a business, there are things that MUST be done and things that are less important. If you have…

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Retargeting and Pixeling

Retargeting (where ads are displayed to people who have previous visited a website ) is cheaper than running a first…

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A Simple Digital Marketing Checklist

Checklists save you time. The checklist down the bottom of this post should help if you need a starting point…

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Outsourcing Toolbox

When you want to get things done it can be very tempting to do it yourself.

But if you’re running a business, this is usually a mistake.

Even if you can do it, or feel that you can work it out and save the expense of hiring someone, it mostly results in you being spread really thin and not concentrating on more important parts of the business – planning and organising.

This can be especially true when it comes to setting up websites and internet applications.

So here’s a short list of the places we get help.

I find that some people are aware of these resources, but most business people still aren’t.

Outsourcing Resources

Free Graphics