Marketing Wiz or Misguided Young Artist ?

Marketing takes many forms and although most businesses don’t want the same type of attention as a celebrity like Miley Cyrus achieves, they most certainly would like the income generated from it.

Whatever you think about Miley Cyrus and her recent antics there is one thing that can’t be disputed – people are talking about her – even if they are only talking about how much they are “over her” or “wish everyone would stop talking about Miley Cyrus”. She attracts attention.

With attention comes a hefty net worth, which according to is $150 million. She’s a brand and the more outrages she creates, the more people talk about her.

There’s a strange thing that happens when no-one is talking about you, or you can’t be found … nothing !

Using the internet effectively can help spearhead any advertising campaign a business might have. With more people getting their news and entertainment online then ever before the potential to be seen online is huge and even with advertising on the web becoming quite competitive the outlay costs compared to the potential returns are comparatively small.

Example to try …

Putting up a Youtube video is free : sending some links to the video may help it get found on search engines where the potential viewing audience is higher then any MTV awards night. Many artists got their start doing just that – we all know the Justin Bieber story and how he started by posting videos of himself on Youtube.

Businesses can also leverage Youtube. People watch short Youtube videos about just about anything. Sending out some good, helpful advice with a short video can build your business reputation. Your potential customers already feel they know you because they have seen what you look like, listened to you speak and ave received some good, sound advice. So who better to send their business to then someone they know and trust.

Try it .