How to do Stuff: Website Design

Why Change Your Website to "HTTPS" ?

There are now 2 very good reasons to change over from running your website with http:// at the beginning of the…

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6-Step website tune-up for speed

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How Not to Build a Website

Most people want their website to succeed, which usually means getting them noticed, increasing their contacts and often their sales. But…

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How to Improve the Performance of a Website Page

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5 Things to Get an Edge

Before we look at 5 ways you can hammer most of your competition, let's look at what not to do.…

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How to get Facebook and your website working together

A lot of businesses have a Facebook page and a lot have a website. Some businesses send people from Facebook to…

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Is Your Website Almost Good Enough ?

They got to your website … and then they left …

A website that’s almost good enough can be frustrating to you and the user : pages almost load every time, the site can be viewed on almost all platforms, it’s kind-of easy to update and use and it’s almost able to be found on search engines – at least you know it’s on the 2nd page of Google for something !

There are many things to consider when you decide to get a website or upgrade your current one. What I find is that most people emphasise rather unimportant things and what they end up with is a very pretty website with things like flashing headers and sliders that no one will ever see.

The problem is not that the website is beautiful, but that it isn’t useful to the intended audience. You need to consider the objective of the website before going ahead.

  • What do your visitors need and want and how can the website help provide them with it ?
  • Does the website provide incentives for people to contact you or leave contact information ?
  • Do you want to target a specific type of client and if so how can the website do this ?
  • Do you want to be able to use the website to educate potential and/or current customers ?
  • Do you want to sell products or services from the website directly ?

Once you’ve worked out your objectives you also need to work out how potential or current clients are going to locate the website. It’s certainly not a matter of “build it and they will come”. How are you going to get it noticed on the web ? – search, Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth ? Which avenue best suits your business and your customers and how does your website fit into the larger plan ?

There really is a lot to consider, so it might be worth getting an expert website & marketing audit to put you on the right path.

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