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3 Fails When You Try to Sell the WRONG Stuff …

How to turn your “uninteresting” product or service into one that people can’t get fast enough …

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Obviously you want people to be highly interested in what you provide, contact you, get your service or product and be pleased. As a specialist ( a service provider or merchant ) you probably know exactly what a prospect needs, but you can’t promote that because it might not be what they want.

Let’s face it, you make money when you give people what they want.
But are you guessing what they want ?

I bet your competition are guessing. After helping hundreds of people and businesses with their online marketing, I’ve found that most people guess. Sometimes it’s an educated guess, but mostly it’s the bosses personal opinion or the board’s vote and unsurprisingly guesses are usually not spot-on the mark.

3 fails when you guess what people want and try to sell them the wrong stuff …


So how do you give them what they need and want at the same time ? Because you retain clients and get repeat buyers when you (1) give them what they need and (2) they then find out it was what they needed and are delighted.

1Find out what people are interested in, in your area of service or types of products ( if you’d prefer, you can download a more detailed checklist with additional advanced research by clicking here ).


For products, start off by going to eBay and find products that are similar to yours : which ones are listed the most ? A first indication of how popular something is, is how many times it’s listed in the results. But for what we’re doing it’s more useful to see the most watched products or products with the most bids. is a good tool.

If you’re providing a service or an information product then the next 2 places are good …

Books for Dummies

Visit and look for the bestselling titles and most popular Dummies books that are related to your services.

Let’s say you run a gym. It would be good to know what the #1 thing is that they’re interested in. So we go to and choose the Health and Fitness Topic and drill down to Fitness and look at the most popular list, top of which is Determining Your Body Type.

If it makes it to the top of the Most Popular list, there are probably a lot of people interested in that, so how about putting a set of questions about determining your body type on the website and then asking people to leave their email address to get their results ?


Go to and find out what people are interested in learning about. People go to eHow to find out how to get things done, and it’s got articles and videos divided into different categories. You can’t search for most popular here, but it does give you and idea of what people are interested in.


Go to and look for the best selling products that are similar to yours or in your market. The link to the best sellers page is

2Re-purpose your existing products or services. The concept of repurposing is to use your existing services or products again, but in a different manner or area. We do this all the time.

For example, we specialise in getting people more exposure in search results. But if some prospects start showing an interest in a particular part of this, like reputation management or how to use Facebook, we just modify our existing skills and products slightly so they are what they say they want.

You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have a product or a service that was valuable, but often people don’t get interested in the product or service unless it’s presented to them correctly.

3Promote to your prospects that you have what they want. Use what you’ve found out to promote back to your prospects that you have it ! Often the titles of books or words used in listings that you find on Amazon or the Dummies website are the best ones to use or test in your own advertising. This is because they’re already pre-tested.

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