How to do Stuff: Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research Tools - Why Use Them ?

You use keyword tools to help you discover ... What people are looking for. Roughly how many people are looking. …

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How to Get to the First Page of Google and…

How many emails do you receive offering to put your website on the first page of Google ? I get several…

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Content Marketing and SEO: how to write the right stuff

SEO still exists, but for the vast majority of businesses ( who aren't HUGE corporations with BIG advertising budgets )…

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How to put an effective message in your search result…

Examples In typical fashion I find myself writing a post after noticing something. I noticed that our website moved up to position…

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What Are Open Graph Meta Tags ?

When someone shares one of your web pages on Facebook or Twitter, would you like to make sure the right…

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How Often Should You Write Something New on Your Website

If there's nothing new on your website, people generally don't come back as often. Neither do Google and other search…

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WordPress and SEO

Websites are publishing platforms. To get things done fast with the least amount of effort ( something I’m highly in favour of ) you need something that will let you create & maintain a site without a lengthy learning curve. It’s most easily done with WordPress.

This applies particularly to SEO ( actions taken to do well in search results ) and over the last 5 years, I’ve moved most of our marketing clients onto WordPress.

This is what Matt Cutt’s says about the platform – he’s one of the BIG heads at Google and his every word is hung onto by SEOers !!!

All trade-offs considered ( and there are some ) currently WordPress is way in front of anything else out there for ease-of-use and WAY less effort.



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