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Why Should You Write Good META Description Tags ?

META description are (1) an opportunity for you to display a good marketing message in the search results & (2) a factor in influence the page’s position in search results for the better.

META descriptions are a snippet of text added to the underlying markup code of a web page : they don’t display on the page itself.


They look like this …


Most often, Google and the other search engines will display the META description and the META title in their search results listings …

People using a search engine are pro-actively looking for something, so getting a good call-to-action message into your search result will result in more people clicking through to your website !

What should you do ?

Tools for adding META tags to websites

First work out how to add the META tags to your website. If it’s a WordPress site, the theme may provide options to do this, or you can install a plugin like the All in one SEO Pack or Yoast SEO that allow you to type them for each page.

Other content management systems like Joomla & Drupal etc have extensions or template options that allow you to edit META tags.

If the website is plain text files with no content management then you can download the files, type them in and upload them again.

Writing a good message

Look over your page to get a good idea of what it’s offering and write a META title and description that encourage people to visit the page.

If you’d like some help with this then download this.


The other use of META tags is that good tags are a factor in getting higher placement in search results. Matt Cuts, the face of Google’s search team at Google said this ( video below ) …

There are about 200 factors google uses when ranking pages on the internet. It’s a good idea to handle as many of them as you can !

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