So you want to decide where to spend your advertising money to get people to your website ?

And you want some initial idea of how to get your message in front of the correct people ?

One quick way to go about it is to find out which websites your target customers and clients visit, also get info about the kind of people who visit them.

This is often something that you need to approach from 2 directions simultaneously. You can get an idea of the type of people who visit a website ( from Google and other sources ) and you can get an idea of which websites are visited by a type of person. But may not have one or the other.

  • So if you know your ideal client ( age, sex, what they like etc ) then you can locate the best sites to promote on.
  • Or if you know the website that cater to a specific interest, then you can learn things about the visitor.

But if you know neither, then it’s a bit of juggling from both ends.

(1) Find out which websites your target customers and clients visit.

Go to Google Search and type the phrase that’s your best guess for what they’d search for. Eg: modelling courses.

It’s good if there are a least one or 2 paid ads, because if not, then probably no-one is making any money or getting any results from that phrase.

If that’s the case then either look at the related searches and see if there’s a better phrase, or have another guess.

Also put the best guess phrase in to Facebook Audience Insights and see which pages are most liked to find the websites.

Audience insights will also give you good demographic data.

Put the website names from the top of the Google search and Insights into their Display Planner to get more demographic data and placement information ( which is similar to ) in individual targetin gideas.

(2) Get demographic data and info in what these people like.

The BIG traffic sources are Facebook, Linked In, Google Ads, Google’s search results, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and other people’s Email lists.

SEO is only one of these. I suspect your best clients would be hanging out on Facebook & Pinterest, so they’d be better places to start spending advertising money to get faster results.