sane search results

Well that’s a relief, Google’s search results have become a bit more sane.

Over Christmas, page one of search results for roofing contractors was a block of Local results that were mostly plumbers and nearly all directories for the main results. Today, things are back to normal, with roofers back on page one and my own client at position #3 for the phrase ( which is higher than before ). So it’s important not to worry to much if search results go haywire. It’s an indication that Google is continually testing, but we know that they have to return results to a more sane mix or they’ll lose customers.

So what needs to be done in 2014 ?

[notice]The important thing is to continue to disseminate everywhere possible and not get distracted by glitches from other sources. It’s the same on the web as in the physical world.[/notice]

On the web that means writing and distributing things about your business everywhere you can. Start with Local business directories like Hotfrog and TrueLocal, trade directories like Gumtree. Write and distribute and make sure to include links back to your website that can be traced both by both search engines and real people.