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  • Do you get lost trying to get things done with your website and advertising ?
  • Don't know what's available to put everything together online ?
  • Don't know how to plan how all the services connect with your website ?
It's usually really hard and time-consuming to work out everything for yourself. But it's much easier and simpler to grab what someone else has worked out, and it gets you results faster.

We've been in web development and marketing since 2003 and have worked out a LOT in this time. So grab a copy of our kit.
Speed Things Up
Make It Easier
Reduce Search Time
Reduce Confusion
Wouldn't it be good to sort out all the basics ?
Get a Full Checklist of Tools
When you’re putting an online business plan together you want to have it operational as fast and easily as possible.
  • What do you use ?
  • Where do you find it ?
With 14 pages of listed tools, move from not-knowing what to use, to having a toolkit of resources that help you get everything into place fast and make your workflow easier.

These are the tools we use or have used recently and gradually built up over the last decade ( we’ve been in web-development and marketing since June 2003 ).
Get a Done-For-You, Top-Level Flowchart
See all the steps laid out in sequence and how they fit together to produce a smooth online business model.

A concise explanation for how to work out an individual plan based on this is in the flowchart notes, below.
Get a Concise Rundown on How To Do It
Each step of the flowchart is explained, along with help to tailor it to your own business and an online campaign checklist.
Learn How to Research  
This action plan helps you find out ... People's intention when they search - To buy ? To study ?
- Other things that these people like and where your best customers live.
Sort out your website and internet plan
What's this kit ?
It’s a guide to help you draw up a workable online business plan, and show you the services and apps that are available to get it all going. The hardest part of any online marketing is getting the very first thing into-place and working.
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Yep. Please let me know if the kit’s any good, and ask for more data if I’ve left you at a dead end. I want this to be really useful.
Why $7 ?
You probably don’t know me yet and don’t want to risk too much money 🙂 Then again, there’s 13 years of testing experience that’s resulted in compiling the toolkit and flowchart !
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No probs if you want a refund later. Just let me know.
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