Our mission statement: to make your business prominent in online search results, leading to increased exposure and attention.

[numblock num=”1″ style=”3″]SEO + Local
More often than not lately, physical businesses appear in both Local and main Organic search results. Work done to improve a website’s representation in Organic results is also taken into account by search engines in ranking Local results. Reviews and mentions disseminated on the web for Local search also influence Organic results. This allows us to combine them into a package where we handle a Local office and 6 Organic keywords at a reduced rate.[/numblock]

[numblock num=”2″ style=”3″]Multiple offices for Local search
Each physical location is entitled to a Google+ Local page and this page is used to place you in the Local (ABC map ) listings for it’s area. It does mean that each one needs to be set up and managed correctly. If you have more than one office, each in a different geographic location, we can provide a package that costs less than eachindividually.

Full details of what our responsibilities are and the scope of the work are listed on our terms of service page.