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Repeat Buyers

People who’ve bought something from you and are pleased with it will buy from you again.

We run a 2nd business selling camp-cooking products ( Bunyip Camping ).

Most of the money comes in from repeat buyers.

Someone has bought a pot, then they come back and buy a 2nd pot, or something that goes with the first pot they bought.

So it’s really important to get that first sale & happy customer. Then they come back to buy more.

Of course the first step is to somehow collect contact information from people who visit your website or phone you up to enquire.

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A friend of mine sells left-hand guitars.

He used to have a range of guitars that he designed here in Australia, and the models were then produced in China. And he’s built up a brand name that’s now known in the left-hand guitar community.

Now he’s shifted to custom, premium, one-off models.

So he has contact details of previous happy customers who have bought a left-hand guitar they’re happy with.

If they bought a guitar and are happy, a number of them WILL want to upgrade. So they all need to be made an offer !

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So assuming you have some contact information of previous buyers, these are the steps that should be done …

1) Locate the contact information you have for previous buyers.

You may have …

  • Facebook IDs, collected as people originally came to your website from a paid Facebook ad. Info here –
  • Email addresses. Make sure you are asking your customers for these.
  • Phone Numbers.
  • Physical mail addresses.

2) Work out the offer.

It’s best if the offer’s related to the first thing they bought or a logical progression to the next thing they’d need or want.

The other important thing about an offer is the way you communicate it.

Start off with a headline that isn’t boring. Then straight after, let them know what thing this offer will do for them or what problem they are having that it will solve and how your offer will make things easier, faster, better etc.

Only then when you have their interest do you start talking about features and and details.

3) Promote the offer.

Let them know. Send out a bulk email, run a Facebook ad to those customers who’s IDs you have or post them a card.

You can as well ( and you should ) promote to people who haven’t yet bought something from you. Make sure you collect their contact details at every opportunity. But previous buyers bring in much more income.