With any website development, particularly the larger ones, it’s best practice to create the product in a modular fashion. The basic framework is set up, then with the addition of the next function, it’s tested and made to work and the product at this stage is saved AS-IS and the site is a fully functional product for this stage.

The website is copied, and this duplicate website developed further. When the next logical stage completes and the website is a working installation again, it is saved again, and so on.

This ensures that there is always a functional website available to go live, and allows a guarantee, that in the event of unexpected delays in development (and in the area of programming, you can usually expect the unexpected) a working version is ready to go.


We hold Information and Communication Technology Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Insurer: QBE Insurance Australia
Policy No: 56LB001761CTS
Sum Insured: up to $2000 0000 in the aggregate

Section A: 1.1 “QBE agrees to indemnify the insured against legal liability for all claims in respect of acts, errors or omissions incurred in the provision of Information and Communication Technology. . .”