Online marketing creates massive exposure for a business, rivaling the TV networks and all other forms of traditional promotion. You just need to see the uptrending statistics for e-commerce and the massive search volumes to get an idea of how big a market is available on the internet to be promoted to.

Marketing over the internet involves quite a different technique to the way it was done before, and that’s because people are actively searching for what you provide. Where a billboard or radio or TV add was exposed to everyone and only a small proportion of the people were qualified leads, people who find you on the internet are super-hot leads often ready to buy on the spot.

The other major advance over traditional marketing is the speed and timeframe of the sales process. It duplicates a conversation in real time …

  • The searcher on the internet has a problem that they are searching for a solution to
  • They type their question into the search engine ( and it’s very often a full gramatical question )
  • 10 answers are provided on the first page and they select the most relevent and click through to the website

Online marketing includes …

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • email-marketing, which involves building a list of people who are interested in your product;
  • solo adds and insert adds in online magazines and mailings;
  • traditional banner adds on other websites