Mobile phones are being used more and more for searching the internet and handling tasks that used to be done at a desktop computer ( like receiving email & managing appointments ). And there’s a lot happening with local search to take advantage of this. The number of smart-phones, led by Apple’s iPhone is increasing fast, and web-browsing is getting far easier.

Last year Google released about 50 million Places pages onto the web, and these are set up to display on mobile devices, as well as desk-top computers. This is amazing advertizing.

People are often out of their house when they are looking for a service or product, and they’re searching on their smart-phones. So if your business Places page is well set up, they will see you as soon as the results appear.

Contact us to find out how to set up your Places page correctly.

SMS Marketing

Imagine if you were having a slow day, with hardly any customers. What if you could send out an SMS to 500 people saying that you had a special or discount for the next couple of hours only ?

SMSes have a 95% open rate, and are opened within the first 5 minutes. And it’s been found that most customers of a business live within 8km of the business.

Most people love discounts and coupons. The technology now exists to affordably collect phone numbers and manage SMS campaigns.

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Shortcodes & Keywords

Have you ever seen an ad saying text FREECOFFEE TO 112233 to claim a free coffee ? The shortcode is the brief number and the keyword makes sure that your phone number is added to the advertisers database. You can claim your free coffee, and you will be notified that you’ve opted in to an SMS list. The owner of the list can now push SMSes out to a database of targeted customers who like coffee !

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