You’re in the right place if you’re interested in streamlining your organisation and reducing confusion and lost time.

Do you need to improve …

  • An overload of work at the top ?
  • Staff performance management ?
  • Communication in the workplace ?
  • Employee time management and coordination ?
  • Missing business functions that then come back and bite you ?

Lots of businesses are wasting time and losing money because key systems aren’t set up, or only partially put there and not running smoothly. These include organisational and financial setups & managing by statistics and key performance indicators ( KPIs ).

Not having proven systems in place usually leads to a frustrating week where important things don’t get done, only to catch up with you later when you don’t have the time to handle them.

The solution is to establish standard systems and use them.

100% TOTALLY FREE Consultation

I’m offering a free consultation to talk over your business with you and do an on-the-spot analysis.

This usually isolates any areas that are missing in the business. There are areas and actions that MUST be there for every business and if they’re not being done ( some are often not known about ) it leads to dropped-balls and overwhelm.

You’ll learn a lot about your business simply from this consultation and see where it deviates from standard successful practices.

Either call me on 0433 986 298 or send me the form below.


About me

  • My background is computer science at Newcastle Uni, then commercial data processing at Sydney TAFE/Institute of Technology.
  • 12 years managing communications, then personnel & staff in the Sydney CBD.
  • followed by 15 years running a web development and marketing business.

You can see a lot of what I’ve been up to the last 15 years from the pages of this website.


The benefit of discussing the current situation is that you can spot where it deviates from standard successful practices & get an idea of how your business can be moved towards a more ideal scene.

Call me on 0433 986 298 or send me the form above & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Robert Kamaralli