Managed PPC Accounts

Managing Pay-Per-Click advertising to get the best results has become a sophisticated activity. It involves testing ad copy to increase conversions, testing the ads with different locations and high-tech methods of tailoring ad copy dynamically to the searcher. It takes watching results day-by-day.

Google is the biggest provider of PPC with their product being Adwords.  The Yahoo/Bing search alliance also offers a similar product, but to a far smaller audiance.  It’s worth knowing though, that in some cases Yahoo/Bing can provide better conversions, so are worth testing your product & niche.

We dont’ currently provide managed PPC as a service. As a starting point though, it’s good to find out a bit about the different PPC Management pricing structures and some of the basic techniques used in running an Adwords campaign.

PPC Management Fees

There are several fee structures in use by SEM agencies … flat monthly fees, percentage of revenue and percentage of ad-spend are some.

We charge 25% of ad-spend with a lower cap of $300 and an upper cap of $800 for managing up to 400 keywords in one targeted region or country.  So for example, if you are spending $2000 per month on clicks, we would charge $500. If you spend $500, we would charge $300 : for a spend of $5000 per month we’d charge $800. You pay at the beginning of each month. There is no contract and you can opt-out whenever you like.

Management includes ..

  • Split-testing ads / ad copy.
  • Testing broad, phrase and exact match types.
  • Testing dynamic keyword insertion.
  • Testing over the Google search and the Google content network separately.

PPC Campaign Setup Fees

Up to 100 keywords $500
100 to 200 keywords $700
200 to 300 keywords $870
300 to 400 keywords $1000
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign and Ad group creation
  • Ad copywriting and landing page selection

Quality score is something that comes up in a lot of conversations about Adwords. You can watch the Google video here … What is Quality Score

Further information about Managed PPC …

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