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Get a Website Built Correctly to Increase Sales

Without promoting correctly, nothing much else happens.

Successful online promotion requires creating a flow of people to a website and building a database of emails (or phone numbers etc).

Then you can make these people more offers, which is where most money is made (because first-time visitors don’t often spend much).

People need to be sent to a specific page with a single offer - not a home page with all the general business information.

For a limited time we’re offering a BIG discount to build a website that has the main things you need AND explain a basic plan on how to do it.

Most businesses don’t do this right, and don’t have an online strategy, and their website isn’t part of a plan. So they waste money on unneeded things and send random emails or run Facebook adds that don’t work well. But setting things up right and having an online strategy, makes things faster and easier, makes you more money and saves headaches in the future.

  • About us: We’ve been in web development and marketing for 13 years and are a small group based just north of Sydney. Our clients include Prizemasters Australia, Jazz Australia, Family Planning Australia and The Citizens Commission on Human Rights Australia.

So . . .

  • Run an online offer easily.
  • Update your website without too much hassle.
  • Increase your number of prospects and customers.

We will . . .

  • If needed, set up website hosting in your name and handle a domain name ( these usually cost about $100, separate to this deal ).
  • Design & lay-out the home page of the website per best marketing practices.
  • Add & design the main offer page that will you will send people to.
  • Add the opt-in field for the offer, to collect email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Add a contact and one other main info page.
  • Show you how to log into the website and add and update additional pages.
  • Explain in a phone call, how to run a basic promotion to the website.

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Special Price:


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The deposit is totally refundable if you find that this isn't what you had in mind. Or if you prefer a phone-call to talk first, then email me at

BUT . . . send a deposit right now using Paypal to make sure you get the deal before it expires.

Remember that without putting a proper promotional solution in place, nothing much else happens.

Thank you Rob & Lisa for all your hard work developing my website, teaching me the ropes of content management and of course, your efforts in insuring my site has pole position in search engines. I couldn't have done it without you. I'm VERY happy with your service. Cheers!

Christopher Rimmer

Thanks so much. This is why I want to go with you – fast efficient friendly service!

Tim Pringle

We have been having a lot of traffic from the website (and particularly Google) recently, so that is really, really awesome, and I am very grateful to you guys for the massive assistance. It has made the difference.

Oliver Shead