Are You Responsible for a Business ?

How to Sort Out Your Online Marketing

Simplify Things for Yourself

  • You're not a marketer,
  • But you're responsible for a business
  • and don’t have time to stuff around learning how to do online marketing.
So Grab the Checklist

It lays out an action plan that you can follow, or that you can hand to your staff to implement.

It shows you :

  • Where to start,
  • How much you can afford to spend and
  • How to keep things moving so the plan doesn’t bog and go nowhere.

Make it simple

It's actually not too hard to develop online-marketing for a business if you have a blueprint. This checklist is simple, walks you through basic steps and will get you much faster results than trying to work it out yourself.

I’d like to let you know that I’m NOT a famous internet marketers and prefer to keep a low profile but I’ve been handling online marketing since 2003 and this checklist shows what I do to get an online campaign off the ground.

So ...

  • Remove the confusion.
  • Cut back the costs and save money on promotion.
  • Put something in place that works.

Learn :

  • Where to Start ! How do you know where your best prospects are and what they’re looking at on the web ?
  • How to know the correct things to interest them in.
  • How to track what promotion is working and how much its costing you. So many businesses have no idea.
  • How to keep things moving.

Get :

  • Get a copy of the Excel spreadsheet we use ourselves
  • and a survey we use to get things in motion.

This is free and there is no obligation of any kind. I’m offering it because if you find it useful, you might like our help handling some parts for you.

With 2014 half done, it’s worth getting going sooner rather than later, so get this checklist.

Not having online marketing in place these days is losing you business and money.

Robert Kamaralli

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