Local Online Marketing

Do you need to connect with more people?

Try a video ad to people in your local area.

Even though the basics of marketing have remained the same for a long time, putting everything together to run on the internet can be a bit daunting.

So we have an easier & simpler start-up solution …

What we do for you

(1) Help create an initial offer to test !

People respond to no-risk offers that have a good benefit. Offers can be coupons, free trials, BIG discounts ( that may be time-limited ). We’ll help you locate what your customers are interested in and possibly how your competitors are going about their advertising, which is often a good starting point.

(2) Create the landing page with the offer.

We’ll need to hook in your email service like MailChimp or similar to collect email addresses ( or possibly phone numbers ). If your website host isn’t compatible, or you don’t have one, we’ll run the page on one of ours. This will be a simple landing page, similar to the 3 example above.

(3) Produce a short video.

This will be using stock video & tailoring it to best fit your business. The video is for the Facebook ads.

(4) Set up & run a Facebook campaign to the landing page.

Well run an Adset targeting local people with the the video as the ad.


Cost: $530 plus gst.
You’ll also need up to $30 each day, over a few days running Facebook ads.

There is no ongoing commitment for local online marketing. We run the campaign for 4 days & if you’d like continued help after that, we can talk about the best structure for you.

More info ? This checklist covers the basics of setting up digital marketing.