IMPORTANT: Read both the steps on this page before downloading the Action Plan on the left.


First off, it's great that you've got this action plan.

We walk businesses through setting-up online marketing and you should be able to complete steps 1 to 4 in about 30 minutes.


I genuinely want you to get the technical bits of this plan in place with the least amount of effort.

Here's a full workout, to save you a lot of time and also save spending thousands like us to work it out.

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  • How to increase the earning potential of a website by getting in a marketing 101 basic.

  • How to increase people contacting you from your website by laying it out right.

  • How to get help from outsourcers so you can get it done.

  • Website hosting that can reduce the hassle.

  • How to configure WordPress sites to save you time and effort.

  • SEO ( search engine optimisation ) intro stuff.

  • Reducing the effort required to run offers and create landing pages.

  • How to know what people are doing on the website, so that you can do better !


  • q-iconWhat's a Marketing Workout ?

    It’s the steps needed to put the physical bits of online marketing in place, with details on how to get each step done. The hardest part of online marketing is getting the first sales funnel working.

  • q-iconWhy only $6 ?

    You don’t know me yet ! So I need to build some confidence in my products.

  • q-iconAre you easy to contact ?

    Yep. Please let me know if the Workout’s any good and ask for more data if I’ve left you at a dead end. I want this to be really useful.

  • q-iconRefunds ?

    No probs if you want a refund later. Just let me know.

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