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The primary step of any successful business is giving people what they need and want. It can be tricky - I hope this checklist makes it easier for you.

Want to Get The Most Out of Your Website ?


The next step is setting up to make it as easy as possible to run online marketing.

Get a TOOL KIT !

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  • q-iconWhat's this kit ?

    In any industry, best practices develop where people find out what’s working well, and these things become the standard for a starting point.

    This toolkit provides a guide to debug the website you have in place, a flowchart and explanation of how business can be made to work effectively online & a list of resources – the services and apps that are available to get it all going.

    The hardest part of any online marketing is getting the very first thing into-place and working. This should remove a lot of the barriers for you.

  • q-iconWhy $7 ?

    You probably don’t know me yet and don’t want to risk too much money. Then again, there’s 13 years of testing experience that’s resulted in compiling the toolkit and flowchart !

  • q-iconAre you easy to contact ?

    Yep. Please let me know if the kit’s any good, and ask for more data if I’ve left you at a dead end. I want this to be really useful.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee ?

    Yes, there’s a 30-day guarantee and no problem if you want a refund later. Just let me know.