A landing page is a stand-alone that you send people to, to take a specific action. Generally this is to put the visitor in contact with a business or to get a spontaneous sale.

It can run independently of a website, or be added into the menu of an existing site. There are a number of landing page solutions – the best one for you will depend on what you have already set up.

Landing pages are part of a campaign that usually involves running an ad on Google or Facebook, or sending traffic emails or SMSes. They can be short & simple, or “long-form” – directing someone to read further and providing all the good elements of copywriting to convince them to take the desired action.

One important aspect of a landing page is that it needs to smoothly and consistently continue or complete the conversation that usually begins with a message. This is often referred to by marketers as the ad scent. If the content of the page doesn’t logically follow from the preceding ad or article, people will be confused and drop away fast.

We can test what will most likely work best for your prospects and following best practices produce a page to get you more leads.


Choose a Landing Page Type

There are 2 distinct types of landing pages that have become best practice for direct marketers. If you need help writing the copy, that's included as a 3rd box.

Short Form

Mostly graphical with short benefits and call to action.

from ...

Long Form

Segmented to display all the benefits & features with multiple calls to action.

from ...

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