Website and Search Audit

Learn what needs to happen to make your or your client’s website rock.

For the next 7 days …
I’m offering a FREE search analysis
to 5 businesses – first come, first served.

The report will show …

Website and SEO Audit.

  • How well your website, an article or property is set up to be found ( if you have something on the web ).
  • The online performance of your competition and amount of effort involved in doing better than them.
  • Places where you or your business is already showing up in Google search results.
  • Your use of and reference in Social Media.

Email the following data to me at and I’ll have a look at how you’re going and what opportunities there are to get more exposure and attention.

  • The business name.
  • Business address.
  • The main service or product.
  • Domain name of the website ( if you have one ) or web-address of the property you would like to do well.



Robert Kamaralli
Manager, Spellboundweb.

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