How to do Stuff: Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing and SEO: how to write the right stuff

SEO still exists, but for the vast majority of businesses ( who aren't HUGE corporations with BIG advertising budgets )…

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How to put an effective message in your search result…

Examples In typical fashion I find myself writing a post after noticing something. I noticed that our website moved up to position…

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What Are Open Graph Meta Tags ?

When someone shares one of your web pages on Facebook or Twitter, would you like to make sure the right…

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How Often Should You Write Something New on Your Website

If there's nothing new on your website, people generally don't come back as often. Neither do Google and other search…

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Why Should You Write Good META Description Tags ?

META description are (1) an opportunity for you to display a good marketing message in the search results that increases…

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Structuring a Website for SEO

Most people want their website visitors to stay on their website, move through from page to page and take some…

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Isn’t SEO Dead ?

Yesterday I was asked “Isn’t SEO dead ? Google has made all these changes and I’ve heard that SEO no longer works”.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) is about …

  • putting the name of a website out there;
  • creating links and references back to it;
  • promoting a site and it’s product or service offering.

This results in the website getting more notice and attention from both people and search engines. Techniques change, but the strategy will alway be much the same, as it mimics what happens in the physical world. And like anything else if there is a need, it get’s filled – in this case by SEO agencies.

It’s true that Google is continually making changes to search – if they want to remain the dominant search engine, then they need to bring you the best search results. They don’t like spammy SEO that gets trashy sites into their search results. This is fair enough.

They will continue to change and tweak things to combat poor quality results. SEO providers who don’t stay aware of what’s going on and who don’t change their ways may say that SEO is dead, but all that simply means is “we don’t know what to do now that the rules have changed“. Find out how we can help here.


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