Man delivering internet marketing coaching.

It can be time consuming and confusing working out things yourself … particularly concerning the internet. And it often results in the business plan never getting done for real.

Internet marketing coaching is a short-cut to getting things done.

[info]We show you how to get internet marketing moving, based on the data we buy and test, and how we run campaigns in our own businesses.[/info]

A lot of businesses struggle to keep up with the development of the internet and how to use it effectively because they’re already too busy running the business !

We can help you plan things out and get the plan done because we’ve been doing it since 2003. This saves you a lot of time and also saves you spending tens of thousands of dollars like we have to work it all out over the years.

  • A regular weekly phone call to plan and checklist out actions.
  • Follow-up help by email or phone where needed.
  • We look over and help debug campaigns and copywriting; also technical things where it’s a 3rd-party service or website platform we’re familiar with.
  • Our purpose is to get everything running, but roughly there’s a 1 1/2 hour weekly cap.

We help with …


  • Configuring WordPress websites to run fast and be set up for marketing.
  • Linking an email service ( like GetResponse or MailChimp ) and how to add forms.
  • Setting up PayPal payment pages or similar payment pages.
  • How to set up email autoresponder sequences and campaigns.

Campaign Design

  • Basic online sales funnel design & strategies.
  • Copywriting for emails, website pages and brochures.

Running Traffic

  • Testing & tuning Facebook & Twitter ads, Google Display Network ads, Linkedin ads, Google My Business pages.

Basic Tracking

  • Setup and use of Google Analytics and Google Goals.

[info]Cost: $123 per week (plus gst).
A subscription ( for as long as you need us ) is 40% cheaper than our hourly rate of $137. Paid monthly, but you can cancel at the end of any month.[/info]

Want to make it easier still ?

Get an Internet Marketing Assistant !

Do you need more help than internet marketing coaching ? We can do the above for you where it’s a 3rd-party service or website platform we’re familiar with. Roughly there’s a 2 1/2 hour weekly cap. We coordinate a weekly plan with you, do as much as possible within the cap & send an end-of-week report.

[info]Cost: An internet marketing assistant is $173 per week ( includes gst ). This is also a subscription paid monthly.[/info]