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Internet Censorship and Your Advertising Dollar

Internet Censorship is ramping up in Google, Twitter and Facebook. Does this affect your advertising ?

I’ve noticed that if you’re advertising into a market that big companies and corporations are making money from, the level playing field is disappearing.

A monopoly on information delivery isn’t good, because the people who have the monopoly promote their interests and have few restraints on behaving unethically.

I watch search results a lot and ( for example ) have noticed health news that’s reported on reasonably large websites ( like ) that you’d expect to come top for certain search queries, don’t make it above big pharmaceutical companies.

Update 7 Aug 2017: Facebook has now blocked all Natural News article posts to 2.2M fans after they posted to a petition on immunisation dangers.

And Twitter removes links to media reports of good American job growth, saying they include potentially sensitive content.

Internet censorship - Twitter removes link to job growth numbers.

and deletes accounts that support Trump, like Nicole’s here …

In fact the most blatant examples are political: Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, Inc., is a funder and adviser for Hillary Clinton ( per emails published by Wikileaks ). When you search “Trump” it’s 99% to 100% bad news on page one of Google. I don’t see how it’s possible to naturally have that percentage of bias.

And if you look, you’ll notice other skewed data provided by the big 3. They seem to be behaving quite unethically, which makes me wonder how else they’re gaming us.

So if you’re investing in SEO or paying for banner ads with the big 3, you can expect uncertain treatment in a lot of areas.

Update 8 Aug 2017: Google censors & fires an employee for writing a polite, non-confrontational memo of his opinion.

The solution !

It’s an age-old solution … don’t put all your eggs in the one basket.

The last year I find I’m doing better advertising on other networks. More conversions at less cost.

There are a lot of other groups that maintain large networks of website where your ads can run. They seem to buy each other out a lot, which can be a bit confusing when their name and ownership changes. But they’re well worth testing.

Here are some to try …

  • ( used to be iSocket )

Internet censorship is something that we should all be very vigilant to.

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