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Instagram in Facebook Advertising

There is a new place to run ads !

Until recently we could place Facebook ads in the …

  • Desktop newsfeed,
  • Desktop right column,
  • Mobile newsfeed on phones and
  • Audience Network, which run on Facebook approved apps.

Now FAcebook is offering Instagram Ads

Here’s a screenshot of the new placement options …

We’ve only just started testing, but so far we’ve found that Instagram gets lots of clicks but the people who click aren’t taking a next step.

So we’re working on converting these clicks into contacts or email addresses and when we’ve sorted it out I’ll let you know.

Further note: Facebook are also starting to roll out live video streaming ( some accounts only ). Not sure when it will come to everyone’s account, but probably within the next few months.

If you’ve tried running ads on Instagram, it would be good to hear how you went. A comment left below would be great.

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