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How we got 34 customers for no promotion costs in a few hours.

  • Your easiest sales are to people who’ve spent money with you before
  • and they will generally buy larger products or services.

After someone finds they can trust you and have had a previous good experience with you, it doesn’t take much to have them come back.

So for that reason, getting new people to pay you anything at all is really valuable !

In a nutshell, we offered something cool for free as long as they paid $1 to cover the postage. In only a few hours, this got us the email addresses of 34 people who have no problem paying us some money – they are buyers. So now we can offer them more things to buy.

Here’s the page with the offer …


We also increased our Facebook custom audience by 700 in the same evening.

Facebook lets you accumulate the IDs of the people who visit your site from Facebook and then you can run new adds directly to them later.

This is what we did …

[bullet_block large_icon=”28.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • Ordered a bulk lot of cool but cheap camping tools.
  • Set up a page offering them for free – just pay the cost of postage.
  • Mentioned the free tool on about 10 Facebook group pages.


camping_tool_givawayThis gave us a steady stream of visitors for several hours with 17 to 47 people constantly on the website all evening.

As a note, the Google Analytics Real-Time view ( the picture at the top of this post ) is an amazing tool to help you tweak a campaign while it’s running. It shows you which pages people are looking at, as they do it.

And if you combine it with session recording where you can play-back and see what your visitors look at and click on, you can update things and do better next time.

You’re welcome to email me if you’d like any more info about this or need an idea …

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