There’s a lot of spam around these days – in comment fields on websites and sent to email boxes.

Most email programs and services do their best to filter out spam emails from your inbox. Their systems aren’t perfect though, as individuals decide on the rules that determine if an email looks spammy or not – and it’s often a very hard call to make.

This can result in emails that you want, being flagged as spam and removed from your inbox.

The solution is to whitelist an email address so that the email program knows that emails from that person are wanted. Each program provides the option is different places, so it can take some searching.

With MacMail you can find the option in Mail Preferences > Rules ( right hand icon ). Then add a rule to move emails from a particular email address to the inbox.

MacMail rules

In Gmail you need to drag an email from into the Primary tab of the inbox.

Gmail white-listing emails.

And other email programs will have help options to show you how to do it.