How to do Stuff: Online Marketing

How many website visitors do you need ?

How much can you afford to pay to have someone visit your website ? If you're spending money on clicks to…

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How to benefit from advancing technology

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Save Time & Simplify Your Workflow

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3-Step Business Plan

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Retargeting and Pixeling

Retargeting (where ads are displayed to people who have previous visited a website ) is cheaper than running a first…

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A Simple Digital Marketing Checklist

Checklists save you time. The checklist down the bottom of this post should help if you need a starting point…

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How to increase activity on your website without drastically increasing your spending.

Once you get people to your website, the ideal situation is to have them hang around, come back again & at some point communicate directly with you.

Here’s the strategy I use to increase activity on my website. It’s very similar to what a lot of good marketers that I pay attention to are doing.

  1. Write a (hopefully) useful post on my website.
  2. Offer a relevant download associated with the post.
  3. Run an add to the post from Facebook or similar.
  4. Send an email to existing lists regarding the post.
  5. Pixel the people who click through to post ( which is placing a cookie in their browser ).
  6. Retarget the pixeled people.
  7. Send additional related emails to people who left their email address for the download.

How to reduce your workload

It takes time to write a useful article and set up an advertising campaign.

But I’ve developed a routine that more than quarters the amount of work I have to do.

If you’d like my checklist you can download it by leaving your email below.

    Why do you want to increase website activity ?

    The step that comes before someone buying something from you is being in contact with them in the first place. The most valuable place to be contacting people is to have them on your own business website, because you can can ( to a degree ) control what they read and do with the aim of them taking the next step and contacting you.

    So in a nutshell, to increase activity on your website …

    • get more people there in the first place
    • then have them return
    • have them read & download things
    • and then some will contact you

    Increasing website activity and search results

    This also helps with your presence in search results. I ran a test once where I simply increased traffic to a page with paid advertising and had it rise in the search results soon after. I’ve noticed it a few times actually.

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