Here’s a problem

Sometimes things get out of control. For example, if you get a lot of visitors to your website from Google search results, then Google changes something and it decreases.

This happened to one of our clients just recently when Google rolled out its June 2019 Core Update. Traffic to this website halved !

1st half of a solution

Over this time period some things were also done to improve the website, and the result was that the number of people who subscribed to download information maintained well.

And also, as the next step, the conversion rate for people who then bought something increased ( sales / number of opt-ins ).

This points out the 2 major things that you need to put your energy into when you run a website.

  1. Increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  2. Improving your website’s ability to interest people enough to leave you some contact details, get in touch or buy something.

The improvements we made to this client’s website in March were …

(1) Worked out a plan

A plan is not to be underestimated. Having steps to do listed out, with goals will keep you moving and help prevent you getting sidetracked using time to do unneeded things. You will get a much better outcome for your website.

(2) Improved the typography & layout

If your pages are hard to read ( small, faint print or difficult font ) people won’t read them. Use dark, easy to read font on a white or very pale background for good contrast.

Also articles written with even paragraphs that all look the same lost people before they get to the end. We added more interesting subheadings as well.

Narrow the width of the article. People will generally find it easier to read down shorter lines. You can add a sidebar with an offer to take up the remaining lateral room ( see the next point ).

(3) Offered people something relevant

We added relevant pop-up offer to articles that addressed a specific subject ( rather than a single generic one for the entire website ).

Also read how-to-improve-the-performance-of-a-website-page. Including the vital points listed there in your page will also make a difference

A full solution

The full solution for this client ( and all of us ) involves maintaining a good lot of visitors to the website.

Download this flowchart for some ideas on how to do this.