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How Often Should You Write Something New on Your Website

If there’s nothing new on your website, people generally don’t come back as often. Neither do Google and other search engines.

If you’re a venue like a club or a restaurant, then of course people will check your site to find out who’s playing, what events are on and what the menu is for the week.

What are people are interested in ?

People are interested in solving problems !

So posting regular information addressing how to handle the things that they need to handle, and that you’re knowledgeable in is a good move.

  • Bunnings Hardware ( in Australia ) have a whole section of Do-It-Yourself articles.
  • I post regularly about how to do specific things on the internet.

Bunnings Website D.I.Y.

Spellboundweb Posts

It’s works the same way with any website.

Provide your customers, clilents and prospects with information they need and they they have a reason to come back.

And with search engines ?

It’s very similar with search engines. When a search engine notices that a website has frequent changes to content ( and the content is good ) they come back more often to check the site. there’s usually a coincident improvement in search result ranking for the page.

Here is Matt Cutts talking on this subject.

Writing interesting stuff

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