How to do Stuff: Search Engine Optimisation

Fast On-page SEO & Workflow

  Question. What are most busy people looking for ? Answer. Even though they might not express it this way, I can…

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Fast On-page SEO & Workflow


Question. What are most busy people looking for ?

Answer. Even though they might not express it this way, I can tell you from my own clients (all very busy people) that they are looking for the easiest workflow they can get. They all need to get the Most done in the Least amount of time and for the least effort.

This applies particularly to promotion – which these days is largely on the internet.

Improving your exposure in Google’s results is largely about having good content on your website pages, written well to interest people – which is what Google is monitoring to provide people with the best search results.

It’s easiest and fastest with …


The elements of a fast workflow …


When you’re managing a website it needs to be as easy as possible, while still allowing you to connect with all the things that make online promotion successful – tracking pixels from Facebook and Google email & SMS marketing program forms.

This is what WordPress allows you to do the most for the least effort.

Sure, unlike Squarespace and WIX, you need to organise your own website hosting & keep an eye on security ( make backups etc ) but unless you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a custom product, for a workflow where you and your staff can get most done in the least amount of time, it’s hard to beat.

This is supported by the fact that about 60% of the website on the internet are now WordPress.


What do you put on your website ?

If you’re selling a heap of products, then obviously a shop !

But whether it’s a shop or not, each product or service should each have a page ( more details about that here … ) and needs to be written well for people and Google.

Assuming that you have a WordPress site, or are about to get one, the next thing is – I’ve found that the easiest way to cover researching topics & constructing your message to get good exposure in search results is to use the Squirly plugin.


I’ve found several times that a website page moves up in search results after I’ve sent some paid traffic there. I run an ad on Facebook or Google for a week or so.

Steps for fast on-page SEO

  1. Set up a WordPress website.
  2. Install Squirrly.
  3. Find something that you sell or provide and research the best way to phrase it (and that has reasonable interest ) Use Squirrly.
  4. Write about it. With WordPress you can write the article or post directly into the website editor ( some people write on Word first then cut-and-paste, but it’s far faster & an easier workflow to simply type in the WordPress editor ).
  5. Optimise content with Squirrly.
  6. Promote your page by email, on Facebook, Linked in Google & other network ads.
  7. Do these steps regularly.

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