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Can Your Website Handle It ?

Websites are publishing platforms. They are usually the main part of online marketing campaigns and you need to be able to set up new pages and change them regularly and fast.

If it's too hard, then it doesn't get done.

I'm in favour of being able to do this with the least amount of effort. There are always trade-offs, but after 11 years of web-development and marketing, we know the best ways to go about it.

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Get this basic building block of your online marketing in place fast and done right.

Built on Wordpress - Why ?

Wordpress & it’s 3rd party applications are now way in front of anything else out there for ease-of-use, and making fast testing possible for WAY less effort ( Wordpress is a content management system - CMS - which provides logins to manage and update website pages. )

Wordpress is a base that can easily be extended with "plugins" that allow professional marketing pages to be set up fast, as well as lots of other tools that allow you to market effectively.

What's the Package ?

  • Home page set up.
  • 3 additional pages set up.
  • Ability for you to easily add further pages.
  • Responsive ( see above ).
  • Laid out for best performance based on tests.
  • Graphic design ( based on a cutting-edge template by Gavick ).
  • "On-page" factors set up correctly for search engines.
  • Developed & configured by Australians with 11 years experience.

This doesn't include extensions that allow stand-alone sales-page design. There are some great ones around, like Optimizepress ( for $97 ) and Leadpages ( $37 per month ). These are easily added to a WordPress website.

You'll need (1) a domain name. We can help you get one for about $20 per year. (2) Hosting to put the site on. It should be Linux hosting with a cPanel hosting control panel. We can help you get this set up & a you can start with a host that's about about $90 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

  • q-iconIs this a cookie-cutter site ?

    No. It’s built to be best for your business. We do use pre-made templates and extensions and bolt them together. The graphic design is based on a template by Gavick Pro.

  • q-iconIs there a monthly charge or ongoing fee ?

    No. It’s once off.

  • q-iconCan you help with the marketing ?

    Yes, we can either coach you on what to do or set up an entire “machine” for you ( this would be additional ).

  • q-iconWhy 50% off ?

    It’s a promotion that helps us get more clients. This is something that you should be doing too !

  • q-iconWill this be a completely original graphic design ?

    It will be based on a template by Gavick Pro that we customise with your logo and colours. This is pretty flexible, but for this price we can’t provide completely original artwork, animation or custom programming.

  • q-iconAre you easy to get on with ?

    Yes, of course !

  • q-iconI already have a Wordpress site. Can you help ?

    Yes. Get in touch !

Order an Express Website by Saturday, October the 4th and Save 50%!